The biggest problems of today are bullying, discrimination, hatred, racism caused by disrespect, intolerance and lack of dialogue. These problems threatening humanity and countries are common in our schools and threaten our children with a great increase in number. Therefore, we think that the solution to these problems is to erase these negative attitudes and behaviors from firstly the children, their families and civil society. Our project encourages children to socialize through education, equality, gender balance, inclusion, diversity within the framework of the concepts of love, tolerance, dialogue, art and music; it combats disadvantages, discrimination, bullying, hatred and racism.









Peer bullying, which is frequently seen in our schools,is a social problem with high negative effects,consisting of verbalphysical attacks by one or more children on another child who is physically or socially more disadvantaged.In our project,we believe that our students should have an interest in art in order to reduce or maybe eliminate peer bullying.As art will increase students’ self-esteem and their respect towards their personalities, give them the ability to work together and improve their aesthetic concerns, the signs of aggression in students will decrease,by this way our students will be less destructive.Orff Approach, which is one of the approaches used in music education, is based on the activities of students such as singing with pleasure, improvising and dancing and achieves these in company with music.

We have defined providing equality which is one of the four main objectives of the Council of Europe 2020 Declaration of Education,achieving social cohesion and promoting active  citizenship(inclusive education,equality,anti-discrimination and anti-racism)as the main goals of our project.The priority and objectives of our project are also in accordance with the promotion of tolerance and nondiscrimination, the common values of citizenship and freedom, through education as in stated in the 2015 Paris Declaration.